Game of Thrones- Season 7 Lows

The much anticipated season 7 of Game of Thrones ended and now fans are finding solace with memes and conspiracy theories as they begin the gruelling wait for season 8, Continue reading “Game of Thrones- Season 7 Lows”


Right on board

There are certain trivial things which are not clearly defined or the rules not spelt out without an iota of doubt. Take for example the Bus and who closes the door. Precedence has it that the last person who boards is the one mostly closing the door as the conductor will be usually busy elsewhere. The sound of the door closing is the cue for the conductor to give the bell. But the ‘last person’ concept is liable to be misconstrued and there is always room for manoeuverability. This is what happened when I became that ‘last person’ one day.
As i was getting on the footboard and pulling the door to a close with some effort I saw a man running from a distance waving his hand. Catching the bus is his intention and is putting in some serious effort for that cause. In that split second or two I felt omnipotent as if this man’s fate lay in my hands. I can close the door and let his considerable physical efforts go to waste or I can wait. Without any hesitance I made my peace with the former choice. The door closed, the bell rang, I was human again and the bus was set in motion in total conformity with Newton’s first law of motion. To add insult to injury I may have even issued a cursory glance at the unassuming stranger through the corner of my eye as the bus passed him. Then as I asked for my ticket I realised I have boarded the wrong bus. Karma is a bitch!.