IFFK #9- My Experience

My IFFK Experience


The 20th International Film Festival of Kerala ( IFFK)  kicked off with a wonderful opening ceremony. The festival generated much public interest in the weeks leading up to it, with around 15,000 delegates registering. The opening ceremony set the tone for what was a hugely memorable 8 days. Continue reading “IFFK #9- My Experience”


IFFK #8- Bopem



Bopem is the poignant tale of Rayan who lives on the Aral Sea which has dried up now.  Rayan discovers that he has brain tumour and has little time left. This jolts him into action and he avenges the death of his mother by killing his father and a corrupt police officer. He remembers the walks he used to take with his mother. Continue reading “IFFK #8- Bopem”