Truth Be Told

They still trust you and see you as their saviour,

You knew the truth and still no qualms, Letting them down was not your biggest sin
Pitting them against each other, making them grapple, You gave them a reason when there was none,

And laughed the evil laugh from your secure den, There was blood and some more blood, But not a blemish on your white garb, You went in front of them like an innocent lamb, Angry at the misery that befall
Who’s to blame? , you asked but, You knew the truth and still no qualms
Their hopelessness made you their only hope, One last grasp to survive the struggle, Shrewd were you to clutch their straw, And they always got the desolate end, It mattered in the least to you as long as, They proved means to your cherished end,

You took flight from their miserable plight, And to keep them there was your sleight
You knew the truth and still no qualms
Shed some more tears, blame someone else, Give some more promises, show them,,A bright prosperous future, You know how to keep the façade, Incite, deceive and divide; For you shall reap the rewards, As they lie dead on your promises, You’ll still have new ones to give, For still only you know the truth, The day is still far when they realise
How they were duped and deceived, You’ll still have no qualms
As you enjoyed your time in the sun, Scorching as it was for many, When they finally know the truth, And take you down your perch, A smirk will still remain on your face, On how you hid the truth for so long,

Contend will be you even if they scratch your grab, For you enjoyed concealing the truth, For so long from so many, They go back to their reality after this,,Spontaneous break from inactivity, The wait begins for arrival of someone new, With a different smirk and a different garb,,But the same old promises, the very same, And they will go into the slumber, Looking the other way from the truth, That’s staring at them and their mere existence, And you will appreciate the new imposter
Who’s really just you from another time.


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