Memories be damned!

One of the hardest things for a sports fan is dealing with their favourite player’s retirement. Even while enjoying the heydays of your superstar you know at the back of your mind that there will be a day when he/she will finally call it a day.And when that inevitability finally dooms in you feel overwhelmed and start questioning your loyalty to the very sport your special player adorned.

But there is one thing for sure.When you look back at the player and the many memories they made it will be the milestones that stand apart. Their failures or the moments when they were like any other mortals will be swept aside by our selective amnesia.

Sachin Tendulkar was arguably the most loved sportsman ever, if we are talking about number of fans (partly thanks to India’s population and partly to the man’s sheer class).When he retired back in 2013 it was really a hard time for us.Most of us went through the five stages of grief. But we mostly remembered the golden moments we were privileged to witness, like the hundred amidst a sandstorm struck Sharjah versus the mighty Aussies or that 98 in the Worldcup quarterfinal against Pakistan back in ’03. There were many times when the nation’s favourite son let us down.But we now remember none of it.

Sadly that is not the case with people and when they retire/depart from our life. Maybe this loss strikes at a more intimate level and we often remember the unpleasant sights. They made us laugh and feel special, was there for us when we needed them, a pillar of strength when we were brittle. Still we can’t help but remember their last moments, when they were struggling for every single breath, their vigour long lost and the eventuality just a formality. And it is this weak, sad image of them that makes our grief profound. It is times like this when we wish we could choose our memories. But sadly we don’t have that luxury.



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