A beginner’s guide on how to be patriotic in the new India

Every generation likes to think that they had it tough during their times. There is a certain pride attached with having been gone through some adversities. When it comes to being patriotic (or seen as being patriotic), if we are being completely objective about it, the current times are the best.

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Avasavyooham- A cinematic experience with all the thrills and perils of a hunt

There is a preconceived notion about movies getting awards that they might be too slow. Dubbed as ‘award films’, not as a compliment, they hardly make it to our popular watchlists. Right from the get go, one can sense that such apprehensions were misplaced as ‘Avasavyooham-The Arbit Documentation of an Amphibian Hunt’ takes you on a whirlwind tour of fantasy, reality and environmental awareness.

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Genie is online now

So I got this scratch card as a reward for making some online payments. You just had to drag your cursor across the scratch card and it even made a scratching noise to make it sound like the real thing. I was half expecting a ‘better luck next time’ or maybe a 10% off on my next purchase of above Rs. 1000. But as I finished scratching, a genie popped out, a virtual one, the meta genie.

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Parent-Child Relationships in Fazil Movies

There are certain themes that film directors have as their favourites and examining their filmography one can identify various hues of this leitmotif. For the Malayalam director Fazil, that theme would be the Parent-Child relationship. A master at portraying the psychological aspects of human relationships, Fazil has shown us different strains of the Parent-Child equation. A few of his movies have this as its central pivot and is a major driver of the plot.

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In the Driver’s Seat


Driving instructors in Kerala are always called ‘Ashan’. Most of us don’t know their real name as we make do with the collective noun.

Keep your hands at 10-2. Never take your eyes off the road. – All Ashans drive home these two cardinal rules to their students. But once we graduate and start driving on our own, we realise there is more to it.

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